Landlord & Developer Services

Connecting the dots so that everyone wins

Building robust, equitable relationships is core to how we operate at Ancora. As a well-respected partner across a wide range of local retailers, we handle negotiations fairly and respectfully, serving everyone involved. Our administrative team offer only industry leading advice and administration to tailor lease negotiations and agreements. We understand that high occupancy rates, optimum rental and maximised return on investment relies on strong, mutually beneficial connections. Our unmatched professionalism, efficiency and our specialised tenant services means we can impartially represent both parties to swiftly maximise outcomes on both sides of the contract.


Our leasing team is dedicated, passionate and highly-skilled

Our biggest asset is our team
Each individual brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to provide our clients with industry-leading retail services. Our understanding of the intricacies and challenges involved in retail developments is second-to-none. As such, we endeavour to deliver developments that remain true to the purpose they were developed for.

How we tailor connections that are just right for you:

• We house a varied database of viable and interested line shops

• We have an established and trusted relationship with all major national retailers

• We boast hands-on experience and knowledge in both urban and rural markets

• We work with you to establish the right tenant mix

• Our vast experience and constant learning mean we understand the range of markets and people across our country’s diverse spectrum.

• We constantly touch base and regularly report and communicate throughout projects

• We offer experienced-backed advice in marketing and managing, we know how to promote and maintain a strong asset.


These are connections we can fluidly make by leveraging our Retail Listings service; a free platform that bridges the gap between retailers looking for space and landlords looking for tenants.

Our leasing team is dedicated, passionate and highly skilled. Each individual brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to provide our clients with industry-leading retail services. Whatever the size and scale of the project, we can manage any retail property negotiation, anywhere.

Connecting ideas to your bottom line

We’re constantly looking for ways that lead to smart income solutions that magnify connections, maximise revenue, all whilst mixing ideas, people, and spaces. Our established relationships with alternative income service providers can open new doors that increase the yield, making the most of every square metre. Our solutions range from media to signage, antennae, billboards, solar, fibre, building wraps and parking.

Leasing On & Off Plan
We take pride in delivering Intelligent Designs and Engaging Experiences for clients all over the World.
We work extensively with landlords and tenants across the country. Our understanding of the needs of each party allows us to create a win-win relationship. 
Our priority is to build strong relationships with tenants and landlords, thereby creating and developing retail opportunities that support and ensure success for all parties involved. Landlord or tenant, we represent all our clients’ interests with an unmatched level of professionalism and efficiency within the industry. 
We are able to manage any retail negotiation, in any market, in any geographic location.
The collective experience and skills of our team have seen them build lasting relationships with retailers (at all levels – national, regional and local), developers and managing agents to ensure high occupancy rates, optimal rental rates and maximised return on investment – the three key issues for landlords and developers, directly influenced by the leasing process.
From decisions on whether to acquire land, build pro-forma lease models or pre-lease space prior to financing, projected income and tenant installation budgets, to crafting property marketing materials, we’ll assist you every step of the way. Access to exceptional knowledge throughout the development cycle that creates a competitive advantage for you through better planning, timing, development features and tenant mix. In-depth consulting to the professional team on the centre’s design, and advising on optimal tenant placements that benefit both the tenant and the landlord


Legal Advice & Administration

All our clients enjoy impeccable legal and consulting services, and assistance with drafting of lease agreements. Finlay’s legal team provides in-depth guidance and feedback on national tenants’ standard lease agreements, and retail-specific negotiations.


Refurbishments & Project Co-Ordination

Given the ever changing market and economic conditions your assets will need to be repositioned or refurbished to remain competitive.We assist with advisory services as well as bringing in a construction team that will professionally turn your assets around creating new leasing opportunities


Alternative Income Solutions

We’ve built strong relationships with alternative income service providers that can be the solution to any property owner wanting to increase their yield. Alternative income offerings include media and signage solutions, as well as antennas, billboards, digital and building wraps.


Retail Audit

A Retail Audit is a comprehensive and detailed analysis of the actual and perceived position of a retail property in relation to the micro and macro environment in which it operates. The results form the basis of strategic planning that must be driven by the owners & management of the property.


Recent Achievements

Umphakathi Mall - 28 April 2021

Townships are very interesting, there is a lack of basic services, and there is often a lot of people, the population size is massive, and the people in these areas are underestimated, there is buying power, there is money being sent home, and what we find is there are massive opportunities waiting and all they need is someone to put the link together. Developing property as a whole has a lot of risks, we often work up to 3 years on a development before we know that it’s being built. 

Our hearts behind it, is to understand the community need, we need to understand what brands and shops they are looking for and then we put the puzzle pieces together. 

Click here to watch the full interview: Joburgtoday

Refurbishments, Leasing & Project Co-Ordination 

Ancora was hired by Arrowhead Properties with refurbishing four predominantly located shopping centre in the CBD of Louis Trichardt in Limpopo Province


Retail Space Let

Ancora was able to reduce the vacancy from 27,65% to 2,65% in a period of a year.

Retail Listings

Retail Search Engine

Retail Listings is a free and easy-to-use retail property search website, which aims to bridge the gap between retailers looking for space and landlords looking for retail tenants

• Landlords can reach thousands of potential tenants, whilst tenants are able to compare retail spaces that suit their business needs.

• Feature your retail property and reach a larger audience 10 times quicker.

• All tenant enquiries will be sent directly to the landlords and tenants receive an instant notification confirming that their enquiry was received.

• The key to securing a deal is ensuring that only the most recent and relevant data is advertised, avoiding delays and ensuring that decisions can be made using accurate & updated information.


  • Store size/s (m2)
  • Proposed rental if applicable
  • Availability
  • Preferred category
  • High resolution pictures of the shopping centre / vacant store
  • Lease/mall plan (optional)
  • Centre brochure (optional)
  • Video (optional)
If you do not have any of the above, feel free to send us just your vacancy schedule