Connecting spaces, Mixing ideas, Moving people

Why we exist

seeing the dots and connecting them

A new generation of retail property specialists, who see the dots others don’t and connect them in a way others never would. 

At Ancora we are turning the future of retail on its head. Flipping things forward for all so that we can create opportunities, build relationships and change lives for the better.


Acquisitions & Sales

From retail developments to filling stations, from off-plan to mothballed / redundant spaces, we use our extensive network and fresh take on retail to make the sale or acquisition that is right for your portfolio. 

At Ancora, we see things through and are always on-hand to offer high-level expertise and highly skilled contract negotiation right down to the very last letter.

Development Coordination​

Every one of our ideas, projects and opportunities is shaped by a comprehensive strategy. We take the time and effort to understand all angles, every market, every approach, every solution.

We understand the complete development cycle and offer services tailored to every point on its timeline. Our in-depth understanding of the market and its evolving needs informs our input on centre designs and strategy.

Leasing Services

Building robust, equitable relationships is core to how we operate at Ancora. As a well-respected partner across a wide range of local retailers, we handle negotiations fairly and respectfully, serving everyone involved. 

Our unmatched professionalism, efficiency and our specialised tenant services means we can impartially represent both parties to swiftly maximise outcomes on both sides of the contract.

Tenant Representation

Our tenant representation experts help tenants identify and align strategic business, financial and operational objectives with their own real estate strategy

Our expert understanding of lease agreements, contractual obligations, and the vast scope of negotiation opportunities available to tenants means we can offer legally endorsed, tailored services to feed your own roll-out strategy and real estate goals. We look at the bigger picture and match what you, as a tenant, needs and wants to achieve with the right landlord, space, location, and development. 

Alternative Income Solutions​

Connecting ideas to your bottom line. We’re constantly looking for ways that lead to smart income solutions that magnify connections, maximise revenue, all whilst mixing ideas, people, and spaces.

Our established relationships with alternative income service providers can open new doors that increase the yield, making the most of every square metre. Our solutions range from media to signage, antennae, billboards, solar, fibre, building wraps and parking.


Group Foundation​

The Foundation represents Ancora’s corporate social responsibility arm and exists mainly to provide help or resources to people and organisations in need.

We have a passion for the youth of South Africa, and this is why we prioritise employing recent graduates and mentoring, training and developing the future leaders in our industry. Our customised internship programme ensures roles are rewarding and constructive, and geared to develop individual skills, providing interns with thorough knowledge of the retail property environment.

Retail, Filling Stations & More

Investment Opportunities


Our Portfolio includes limited stock that doesn’t stay on the market very long.

View new and exciting investment opportunities

Property Specialist

Our Retail Portfolio


Our portfolio includes high-end developments, local and convenient offerings and everything in-between.

We pride ourselves on our knowledge of the industry, including tenant requirements and strategies to ensure a successful development.

We are meticulous in only investing in developments we believe will be successful.

360° Service Offering ​​

You want specialists who understand every sphere of this industry.

We offer excellence in every retail property field from building something up off the ground to finding the right tenant, right space and partnership mix, or expanding, transforming and relocating what you already have established. Our specialist expertise, experience and local, on-the-ground understanding will connect the right dots for you.

Our Loyal Clients

We take pride in delivering only the best