‘An investment in knowledge pays the best interest’ – Benjamin Franklin​

Why choose us?

We work extensively with landlords and tenants across the country. Our understanding of the needs of each party allows us to create a win-win relationship. 

• The tenant has technical and operational knowledge, but they lack solid understanding of lease negotiations.

• Tenants lack capacity (eg. time, resources) to enter into lease negotiations.

• Tenants underestimate how detrimental the impact of high rentals, unsuitable lease space or unfavourable lease clauses have on their business

What can a Tenant Representative do for me?

Our tenant representation experts help tenants identify and align strategic business, financial and operational objectives with their own real estate strategy.  

• Our team draws on extensive knowledge of the retail market, combined with superior strategic problem-solving abilities to provide you with tailored services that suit your needs and maximise the potential of your strategy.

• We give our clients excellent legal work providing in-depth guidance and feedback on tenant lease agreements and retail specific negotiations. 

• We combine our history and experience with your retail business to ensure every detail has been considered.

Tenant Representation

Connecting the right people to the right spaces

Our tenant representation experts help tenants identify and align strategic business, financial and operational objectives with their own real estate strategy.

Our expert understanding of lease agreements, contractual obligations, and the vast scope of negotiation opportunities available to tenants means we can offer legally endorsed, tailored services to feed your own roll-out strategy and real estate goals. We look at the bigger picture and match what you, as a tenant, needs and wants to achieve with the right landlord, space, location, and development. We always try to find the right mix for the right business, so we consider where the best geographic position for your business might be, and even look within as to where your service or offering should be positioned. Our experience, drive for excellence and hands-on approach, means we’ll cover every detail and look out for potential growth sites locally or across Africa, within your business’ specific analysis and trading growth metrics. From expansion strategies, advice and negotiations to agreements, renewals, early terminations, and consolidation services, we use our legal and industry leading expertise to achieve fair and equitable rentals so you can keep your business growing.

Expansion Strategies

Renewal Services




Early Terminations

Consolidation Services

Franchisee Opportunities

Through our knowledge and industry experience, we can connect you with the right retail franchise to suit your needs – one that will provide you with the support to ensure a successful business venture. 
We will also find the perfect shopping centre and retail site for your store. Our services include pairing you with the right brand. 
Our team is well-versed in identifying which brands perform the best, and in which areas, to ensure you as a franchisee make a success of your investment.

Franchisee Enquiry

   Consider the following when enquiring:

   • Which franchise are you interested in?
   • Is there a specific location you are interested in?
   • Do you have a specific development in mind?
   • Do you have prior experience in running a retail store?
   • If yes, how many years’ experience do you have?
   • Do you require funding?




   Send your enquiry to info@ancoragroup.co.za